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, welcome to the first week of professional expansion!

To kick things off we’ve got two simple, yet impactful, questions for you to ponder before tomorrow’s coaching call.


  1.  Who do you serve/help?

    • You could approach this question in a multitude of ways, but think this over…  Do you help a specific population?  Work with people on a specific goal?  A specific locale?  A combination of a number of different factors?  Or maybe you’re thinking, “Chris, I’ll work with anyone that has a pulse.”, and that’s cool too.  But if so, let me ask if you enjoy working with everyone equally.
    • You might not know yet, and that’s okay.  But it’s much simpler to create messaging and content with a specific avatar in mind (more on that in future lessons).
    • Here’s who we serve/help at our gym, BSP NOVA: People Age 35+ that want to look, move, and feel amazing, and have already tried other gyms, trainers, and diet programs to no avail.
  2.  How do you communicate to them?

    • Get in their head… what keeps them up at night?  How do you provide peace of mind?
    • How are you currently communicating this to your people?  What do your social media posts look like?  Emails?  Blogs?
    • Here’s how we communicate to our people at BSP NOVA: Our overarching message is that we understand what it’s like to balance what everyone else asks of you—work, family, and friends—while also trying to somehow make time for yourself.  We let them know that we understand them, their problems, and that that we’ve been able to deliver real results, for over 500 real people, with real lives—just like them.  Our messaging, client success stories, and marketing in general all back up this message, and deliver value to both existing and prospective clients alike.


Take the next day to think this over and join us tomorrow to discuss your who & how!



Got questions?  We’ve got you.  Email

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In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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