Hey, !  Welcome to part 4 of our program design lessons: Selecting Exercises, Appropriate Variety, Auditing with the FMS, … this one is actually a live-recorded call from a previous round of the Faction, so no, you didn’t miss a call!

Replay of the call for part 4: Selecting Exercises, Appropriate Variety, Auditing with the FMS, … and Open Q&A

Download the slides here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0680vwa9vfxjdim/WEEK%204%20SLIDES.pdf?dl=0

Part 4 Summary:

We went over why entertaining our clients with exercise selection is based on flawed logic

We went over how to select exercises for the different sections of our programming

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Assistance

We went over the goal, intent, skill down/up assessment

  • What’s the goal for selecting a particular exercise here?
  • What’s the intent with the exercise?
  • How’s the client’s skill?
  • Does their skill
  • allow them to express their intent
  • so they can accomplish the goal?

We went over how to keep our clients progressing while still using the basic exercises

We went over auditing our program with the FMS in mind

We went over common FMS correctives

We went over the 4 x 4 matrix

We went over individualizing cooldowns

We went over using questionnaires to stay on the same page and progress over the long term with our clients

Part 4 Action Steps:

1) Make menus of your basic exercises you want clients to build competency with (your level one exercise menu), 3-5 exercises per category will likely suffice
2) Make menus of your most commonly used correctives for the FMS, most of which will be ASLR and SM
3) Make menus for your most commonly used loading types for power, strength, assistance, and conditioning
4) Develop and implement questionnaires for end of phase and end of block check-ins
5) Complete the case study to test your use of the new system (this is the only way to see where you have questions/might need help!!)
6) Watch this video another time and see what else you can implement

Part 4 Bonus Materials:

  • Writing Programs in MS Word video

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