Welcome to Week 4 of the Coaching Module: Managing the Three Fitness Coaching Environments

This week is all about understanding the difference in dynamics between the different coaching environments that we create for our clients: Small Group Personal Training, One-on-One Personal training, and Group Training. Understanding the subtleties allows us to create the best possible experience for our clients.

Let’s do it:

Week 4 Summary


  • Managing the three different fitness coaching environments
    • Small Group Personal Training
      • The BSP NOVA system
      • Zone Coaching
      • Space vs. Attention
      • Etc.
    • One-on-One Personal Training
      • Controlling what you can
      • Setting intentions
      • Managing your energy
      • Etc.
    • Group Training
      • Structure
      • Group Instruction
      • Introducing the basics to a group
      • Etc.


  • Small Group Personal Training
    • Evaluate your current system
      • Does it flow as well as it could?
      • Set a GAB goal for the week
      • Practice Space vs. Attention
  • One-on-One Training
    • GAB, Program Walkthrough, Create environment
  • Group Training
    • Evaluate your current structure? Does it allow you to coach?
    • Pick one element based on this presentation and improve it this week

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