Welcome to Week 3 of the coaching module: On the Floor Coaching: From Interaction to Coaching Individual Movements

This week is all about nailing on the floor coaching. That means productively guiding your client interactions while also knowing the what, where, when, why, and how of cueing…and how to build cues. Take action on the info in this lesson and you’ll truly make your coaching clearer and more effective.

Let’s get into it:

Week 3 Summary

Download the slides by clicking this link


•The 4-part paradigm for successful on the floor coaching
•Types of Cues
•How and when to cue
•Handling on the floor objections
•The basics of coaching the Hinge, Squat, Upper-body Push, and Upper-body Pull


•Pick one pillar of the paradigm and practice it intently this week
•Pick one of the four big movements and practice the progressions/regressions/lateralizations
•Build one cue for the movement that you chose to practice the progressions/regressions/lateralizationsfor

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