Hey, !  Welcome to week two of the program design phase: New Member Intake, Interviews, Assessment, & On-Boarding (with Q&A all throughout)


Replay of the call for week 2: New Member Intake, Interviews, Assessment, & On-Boarding

Download the slides here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tvxjmixu3rtl85o/WEEK%202%20SLIDES.pdf?dl=0


Video: How We Use the FMS


Week 2 Summary:

We went over the 1-on-1 Assessment & Goal-Setting Session

  • Check out our questionnaire here (please don’t fill out): http://www.bspnova.com/bsp-nova-roadmap-questionnaire/
  • Ask the right questions and “study” your client before they come in
  • Be prepared
  • Connect and create rapport
  • Ask open questions
  • Reflect and ask to “know more about that”
  • Use the FMS, but answer the following questions:
    1. Can they squat?
    2. Can they balance one leg?
    3. Can they lunge/split squat?  Are they stable in 1/2 kneeling?
    4. Can they access range of motion to train pain-free?  CARs?
    5. Can they dissociate their hips and still control their core?  Standing Toe Touch?
    6. Can they plank?  Can they do a push-up?
    7. Can they get into a quadruped position?  Can they stable and able to resist rotation?


We went over the Personal Orientation Session

  • Continue the assessment by teaching the warm-ups and paying attention to how they move and take to the information
  • Observe, and teach as needed, the squat, hinge, push, and pull to define a solid starting point for the client
  • Pay attention to personality, how they respond to things, weights used, etc… to make writing their initial program suuuuper easy, especially when combined with the 1-on-1 Assessment info


The Q&A was sprinkled throughout this week


Week 2 Action Steps:

  1. If you weren’t on the call, watch the replay
  2. Create (or tweak as needed if you’ve already got them) the questions you’ll use on intake with your clients to gather the information that will help you to put them in the best positions to be successful… POST YOUR RESPONSES BELOW IF YOU’D LIKE FEEDBACK
  3. Look and see if there are any handouts, like the ones we presented, that would be good to include in your first meeting
  4. Create and implement a personal orientation session (or tweak your existing one as needed) to help teach and collect information that will make writing your clients’ first programs a BREEZE!
    • Create an initial warm-up that accomplishes the things we covered in the presentation… heck steal ours if you’d like, to start
    • Define what movements you’d like to both teach and define a good starting point with for your clients
    • Once you’ve defined your movements, create a 2 down, 2 up progression/regression plan
    • Anything else you’d want to introduce them to in this session (i.e., how we go over what’s coming up with their first training day and beyond, how to file their programs, etc…


Week 2 Bonus Materials and Resources:

Our intake questionnaire (please don’t fill out): http://www.bspnova.com/bsp-nova-roadmap-questionnaire/

Chin-up/Pull-up Progressions (13:00 video we created for a program): https://youtu.be/qlGL1Wk4_k0

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