Welcome to the first week of the Coaching Phase: Using Your Coaching Environment to Build Client Trust and Relationships!

No matter the training setting you work in, creating a physical and interpersonal environment that allows a client to relax and trust you is literally one of the most important things we need to do as coaches. That’s why we are starting the Coaching Phase off with this lesson.

Throughout the next four weeks we’ll cover all of the aspects of fitness coaching that we need to be good at: coaching goal setting, coaching movement, and coaching in different settings (one-on-one, semi-private, group), but each of them rely on us garnering trust and building relationships.

At the conclusion of the next four weeks, you’ll have a vastly enhanced toolbox of coaching skills and a deeper understanding of coaching.

Let’s get into the Week 1 content.

Week 1 Summary

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The foundations of the coaching environment.
  • A coach’s greatest attribute
  • Your coaching declaration
  • Self-determination theory
  • Conservation vs. Exploration
The two types of environments we have to consider: interpersonal and physical. And the basics of each


  • Unconditional Positive Regard
  • The 3 Client Personality Archetypes
  • Your Personality


  • Ordered Environment
  • Understandable Flow
  • Ritual-based


Determine which aspect of the environment is most important for you to address right now: interpersonal or physical
If interpersonal, choose from the following:
•Write your coaching declaration
•Unconditional Positive Regard: curiosity triggers
•Examine your current/past clients for What, Why, How People
•Examine/create your system for maintaining your consistent personality
•Pick one or two of the interviewing skills and practice them
If physical, choose from the following:
•Examine your current space, is it ordered in a sensible way that shows a pattern and saves brain energy? If not, plot simple action steps to change that
•Examine the flow of how you deliver your service and how people move through a session with you/your space. Does it progress people simply and understandably? If not, what can you make simpler or make more sense?
•What are the rituals associated with your training? Do you have any? If you do, do they happen every day? If you don’t have any solid rituals, what can you create?

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