Hey, !  Welcome to the first week of the program design phase: Setting a Baseline + Q&A + Action Steps

Whether you work in a commercial or private setting, perform 1-on-1’s or semi-private—any style of training really—there’s always the first day with a new client.

Do you currently have a system that allows you to bring them on board seamlessly?

Does your system efficiently collect the information you need to put them in the best positions to be successful—literally and figuratively?

Do you have a way of bringing them up to speed on how to best navigate your training environment—making both their lives, as well as the coaches in your program’s lives, easier?

Do you have systems—and confidence in those systems—to write, update, progress, regress, and potentially defend every single choice you make about what goes into their program?

Do you have a way of consistently gathering feedback from your clients, outside of the small talk of a training session, nixing all surprises about whether or not they’re pleased with the training process, if their goals are still the same, if they have any requests going forward, etc…?


That’s what these next four weeks are all about—and more!


But we kicked it all off yesterday with a presentation, a “meet your new client” drill, and a Q&A:

Download the slides here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wt4lrngnk1skxsq/WEEK%201%20SLIDES.pdf?dl=0


We started off with everyone that could make the beginning of the call introducing themselves

If you weren’t on the call, please comment in the Programming Course Facebook Group with the following (but read all of this lesson before doing so):
  • Where you’re from/where you’re coaching (geographic and physical setting you coach within)
  • How long you’ve been coaching
  • What you hope to gain/accomplish over the next four weeks


My intro

Next, I did my introduction and talked about why the system exists and what it’s provided.

We talked about the importance of program design and introduced the “where are you at?” card

How important is program design? Pretty important, right? But not as important as the attention we’ve all given it. If we’re spending too much time on it, we’re ignoring critical areas our clients need our support.

We met our new client and wrote as much of their program as we could in 6 minutes

This drill is based on—as I get into full detail on the call—my less organized days where I would sometimes have a client schedule last minute, on a day we didn’t expect them, AND they needed a new program. So, we sent them down the turf to warm up and had to knock out their program in 6 minutes. YIKES!

And while we have a solution that’s kept this from happening for a LONG time, the reality is that we can have programs written in that time…

Coming in to this course, can you?

If yes, how confident are you in the product you create in 6 minutes?


We had an Open QnA

(as if the title didn’t give it away)

Bonus materials mentioned on the call

  1. The Hierarchy of Fat Loss, by Alwyn Cosgrove: https://www.t-nation.com/training/hierarchy-of-fat-loss
  2. The email I sent our members just yesterday about our take on the hierarchy of fat loss: https://mailchi.mp/f33e210c42d1/why-this-common-approach-to-losing-body-fat-doesnt-work (I’ll be happy to share the rest as they come out, let me know in the comments if you’d like me to)
  3. Vince Gabriele’s “pod” set-up: Vince is my business coach, and while we don’t run our gym the same as his in terms of program design and training, this video is perfect for the question that Óscar asked about running multiple groups at one time → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU1aEoTYtn4


Week 1 Action Steps:

1) If you weren’t on the call, watch the replay
2) Do the 6 minute drill, paying attention to what tripped you up, how far you got, etc… and keep this in mind to help figure out exactly what answers you’re looking for out of the next 4 weeks
3) Post any/all questions right here in the group. While this is a pre-planned course, I will add and adjust based on what you all are looking for… no question is off limits!!

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