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The Strength Faction Coaching Program—a 17-week mentorship and education program that will give you the tools you need to create the life and career that you want in the fitness industry.

You know how a bunch of people say that fitness is no place to make a career?
They give you the old, “Okay, but when are you going to get a real job?” horse shit. Well, we have a one-digit answer for that, and it’s not the index or ring finger.
When a coach knows why they’re doing what they are doing, can organize themselves, and has the systems (coaching, program design, business) to operate effectively in the fitness industry, they can make a long, happy, productive career for themselves.
But there are five BIG problems that hold coaches back from creating lasting success:
    • Not knowing how to manage one’s self and time effectively.
    • Wasting too much time on program design because you’re not sure if your programs are actually going to work.
    •  Lack of a coaching system that makes teaching clients easy while also making them see the value in staying with you as a client.
    •  No systems for generating new clients leads and managing the business of fitness.
    • Not having real mentorship and guidance to help you implement the systems that every fitness coach needs to be successful.
That’s why we created the Strength Faction Coaching Program—a 17-week mentorship and education program that will give you the tools you need to create the life and career that you want in the fitness industry.

The Strength Faction Coaching Program is based on the 5 Keys to Fitness Industry Lifestyle Success

  1. A Vision for Your Life and Career: You have to know where you’re going to know what actions are important. Crafting a clear vision that gets you excited is not only important for directing your actions but also for keeping you committed during challenging times.

  2. Time Management System: Second is having a system for managing yourself and how you spend your time. It’s how you bring your vision into action. This is a big point of struggle for most trainers.

  3. Program Design System: Third is a system for consistently designing results driven training programs. Trainers waste more time overcomplicating program design than anywhere else.

  4. Coaching System: The fourth part is having a system for consistently teaching and coaching your clients to perform the movements they need to be successful—while consistently providing them a great experience. And also having a system that helps them declare and act toward, and achieve their goals.

  5. Connection To Other Like-Minded Professionals: When we aren’t connected to other people that understand what we’re going through we feel like we’re alone on an island…and that crushes lives and careers.


  • You get actual coaching and mentoring so that you can implement what you learn right away, which means you’ll improve your time management, program design, coaching, marketing, etc. immediately!
  • Lessons with immediately actionable information give you what you need to dial in your programming, coaching, and time management so you feel confident that you can handle whatever is thrown at you
  • You build a network of supportive coaches from all over the world that are working to do the same things that you are, which means you’ll never feel alone or “on an island” again as you work to build your dream





Here’s What You Get with Your Strength Faction Coaching Program Membership

  • A smart phone app that houses all of your coaching program materials…everything you need right in one place
  • A login to a private dashboard that houses all of your coaching program materials…everything you need right in one place
  • A Mentor assigned to you to guide you through the Faction and help you with whatever else you need as it pertains to fitness industry success
  • Weekly written and video lessons on self-management, program design, coaching and client connection, and fitness business
  • Weekly group coaching calls with the Strength Faction Coaches, Mentors, and the rest of the Faction Family
  • Archived recordings of QnA sessions with fitness industry leaders like Eric Cressey, Dan John, Mike Boyle, Mark Fisher, etc.
  • A 16-week, customizable training program so that you can train yourself even while you’re training everyone else
  • A private Facebook group where you’ll get all of your Faction updates and can post any and all questions that you have…without worrying about anyone trying to make you feel dumb
  • A monthly, one-on-one coaching call with your Faction Coaches or Mentor
  • A weekly email delivered directly to your inbox to let you know what’s coming in the Faction each week


You get all of that for only $79 the first month, then just $199/month after that!




Most fitness industry continuing ed is nothing more than access to a website with a whole lot of information that might not even apply to you.

That sucks…

Here’s how we’re different:

  • WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS…we’re serious about supportive community and you get it every week in Strength Faction
  • GUIDANCE about what to actually do…during those coaching calls, your coaches and mentors will help you set priorities and take action (and check in on you for accountability)
  • MENTORSHIP…for your first semester you get a mentor that checks in on you regularly, helping you to apply what you’re learning in the Faction lesson

Listen, it’s easy for us to sit here and tell you how awesome the Strength Faction Coaching Program is and how it can transform your life and career.

“Before I started Strength Faction I was missing the confidence needed to build and trust a scientifically proven assessment and programming system. Once I started streamlining better assessments and programs (thanks to the Strength Faction lessons) I had more free time and it ultimately led to my clients seeing continued results month over month.
Strength Faction gives you tools, systems AND the opportunity to real time discuss troubles you may be having. The weekly calls are game changers for actually implementing these tools.”
Josh Long
Josh Long
“Joining Faction will allow you to immerse yourself, right where you are at, in digging in to finding the help that you need. The variety of people involved in this group, from coaches to members, will show you that you are not alone, there is an answer and that you CAN conquer that thing you need help with. It will also highlight the things you are already kicking ass at as well as show you how to be even more awesome at something you didn’t even notice.”
Leann Hatler
Leann Hatler
“Before Strength Faction, life was really hard and not enjoyable. I was tired all the time, burnt out, and working three jobs…one that didn’t at all serve my goals but I stayed in because people told me it was a “good job.” I wasn’t even thinking about fun outside of work or doing the things I love to do like playing football. I was barely sleeping because I felt so stressed, and if I did anything that I enjoyed I felt guilty.
Now I work hard during the hours that I have to doing something that I love–feeling prepared to coach, knowing I’m putting my efforts toward something I want to be doing, and want to be really good at years from now. The support and encouragement I’ve gotten has helped me step out of my comfort zone and continue to challenge myself.”
Gabby Farrell
Gabby Farrell
“When I joined Strength Faction, I felt unprepared, like I was going to fail, and like I was all alone without anyone to talk out my problems and ideas with. But since joining, I’ve had a whole community of people to talk stuff out with. Now, I know where to turn when I’m having a tough time with a client, need a marketing idea, help with content creation, or whatever associated with being a better coach with a better fitness business.
I’m at a loss for words for how Strength Faction makes me feel. My stress levels are significantly lower, my work feels easier and things just come to me. I have that drive back that got me to start my own operation in 2016.
You will never regret the money spent on Faction. I’ve built it into my budget so I can be sure I can stay. It pays off in spades and more.”
Jarrod Dyke
Jarrod Dyke


!! When You Sign Up Today You’ll Also Get !!

  • FREE Lifetime Access to our most popular program design course: 4 Weeks to Simple, Effective, and Efficient Program Design ($300 VALUE)

    • Soup to nuts, from new client assessment & on-boarding, to exercise selection, to selecting the number of sets and reps, to conditioning, and cool-downs… you name it, “4 Weeks to… ” covers it
    • Action Steps guiding you how to implement the material each week
    • Facebook community of coaches from around the world

  • FREE Access to our Strength Faction Monthly Mini Courses for the entire 17 weeks ($196 VALUE)

    • Monthly themed course presentations delivered via ZOOM by Strength Faction’s industry leading coaches
    • QnA time during each presentation
    • A course guide to accompany each presentation that sums up the info and gives you direct action items
    • Facebook community of coaches from around the world
    • Access to all of the archived calls

Strength Faction Summer 2021






Try Strength Faction for the first month, and if at any time during that month you decide Strength Faction isn’t for you, shoot us an email and you’re free to go.  Further, if you don’t get value in that time with the Faction, we’ll provide a 100% refund.


We stand behind Strength Faction and what it’s done for trainers all over the world…we truly believe it’s the best program of its kind in the industry.


If you have any questions about Strength Faction, please contact us by clicking the link below and Todd will personally be in touch.

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In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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