What it is, Faction preview week?!

Let’s go over a little “how to” for dominating your time as a fitness coach.  Once you get through that, download the “Keep Your Shit Together Journal” pages and get to work!

And we know, it’s very likely you’ll read this stuff and say, “I know that!”, but are you doing it?


The Brain Dump


Everything we are about to say will continually come back to this, so pay attention!  🙂


Every Sunday, within the last few hours before bed, do a brain dump for the week ahead.

Brain Dump


Simply sit down, with pen and paper (there’s a specific sheet for this in your Keep Your Shit Together Journal), and get all of your ideas out of your head and on to that paper.


  • Strength Faction!
  • Work projects
  • Errands
  • Business ideas
  • Weekend plans
  • Doctors appointments
  • Things that are bothering you
  • New goals
  • Shows to catch
  • Date night
  • Kid’s games


Nothing is too small.  Get it all on paper.

Looking at the things you’ve written down during the brain dump, make categories.  Family.  Work.  Personal.  Leisure.  Only make/use ones that make sense for you.


Next, take all of the individual things that you wrote down during your brain dump and organize them into the categories that you have created. If that means printing multiple KYST Brain Dump sheets, do it!


Once that’s done, prioritize these categories in order of importance.  It’s up to you if work, family, or something entirely different comes first.  It might sound crazy to put work before family, but if crossing off your work items early in the day and week provides for better family time, that’s your priority.


Further prioritize your individual items for each category using a simple grid:

Brain Dump Grid


Once done, you’ll have those nagging thoughts that keep you awake at night written down, categorized, and prioritized.


Plan the Week

The Keep Your Shit Together Journal was made to help you dominate your goals.  But there are a lot of awesome planners out there.  So, maybe you’re asking, “do I have to use this one?”  Nope.  We’re just trying to offer up an awesome option that doesn’t require you to run out and buy a thing!


Dominate the week (with ANY planner)


Big Rocks

  • Schedule in things that you can’t change first.  Meetings, family commitments, appointments, etc…
  • Look at your openings and front load your most important items from your brain dump, in the order you see fit.  We really recommend putting Strength Faction lessons in here…  Don’t forget, you already organized and prioritized this stuff.  This should be quick.
    • Front load = morning.  Not a morning person?  Give it a shot.  It’s the one time of day where the world’s distractions haven’t taken over yet, and crossing off big items to start the day sets the tone for the rest of the day.  If you knock out the Strength Faction work every morning, you’ll be set!
  • Since you put your big rocks in first, you can now find openings to cross off some of the other items from your brain dump.  You’ll be able to clearly see where your openings are that you can take care of those items, as well as the inevitable things (represented by the pebbles, sand, and water in the above graphic) that will come up throughout the week.  Write those things down in the column on the far left, and knock them out, as you see fit, with the gaps you have throughout the week.
  • Delegate the things that you can.  There’s only so much room in your bucket, and sometimes other people are better suited to take some of the things off your list.
  • Simply revisit your planner each night of the week within the last few  hours before bed.  Do another brain dump, and make updates to the following day(s) as needed.

  • Freedom!  I know, I know- it sounds crazy, but all of this structure truly provides freedom.


Download this, print it, use it!  Or don’t- it’s seriously just our recommendation…

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, an-e-thing, let us know!

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In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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