… this is your opportunity to join the Spring 2018 Strength Faction, saving cash monies in the process.


You Want A Better Life As A Personal Trainer

But busy training schedules, program writing, and the business of fitness make it hard to get that life.

Tack on finding time to train yourself and it gets even rougher.

That’s why we created Strength Faction. We want you to have a great life as a personal trainer. 16-weeks of ass-kicking coaching for personal trainers, designed by personal trainers, to help you get the most out of your life and career.


($197 $179/month)


Learn systems that will help you get organized, spend less time writing programs, and get your training in even while you train everyone else.

Get support from world-class coaches and a world-wide community of trainers just like you that want to be great and live great.

Feel more confident as a coach, program writer, and at the little skills like writing and video. All the things that will help take you to the next level in your career.


Don’t just take our word for it—check out what these badass Strength Faction members have to say:


Because of the support I’ve gotten both online and in person so far, I am much more comfortable and confident I can succeed and take my career to the next level.” –Keiran H.


The programming is great, and fun, and I can use lots of it with my clients, and my beefiness factor has gone up since starting, but…that’s small in comparison to the big picture. The real value is how I’ve evolved tremendously as a coach in the past four months.”Paul L.


Not only did I gain strength physically, but mentally it’s been amazing. I have a lot more confidence training people- the daily lessons and the tips on cueing have been gold for me.” – Yadi E.


Get your clients better results. Improve your own training. Have a better life inside and outside the gym.


($197 $179/month)


Your Strength Faction Membership Includes:

  • Intake assessment to help you make great programming decisions for yourself and your clients
  • 16-week customizable training program that teaches you to write better programs while also training yourself
  • Weekly lessons on programming, coaching, personal development, business, and more.
  • A Strength Faction mentor to guide you through the 16-weeks and help you achieve your goals
  • Coaching from industry leading coaches with decades of collective experience
  • Monthly, live video-conference QnAs with industry leaders
  • An archive of recorded QnAs with industry leaders that you can watch whenever you want
  • Access to a worldwide community of like-minded trainers to trade ideas with and gain support from


($197 $179/month)



We know that money doesn’t grow on trees and that you have to make hard decisions about where to spend your continuing education money.


We know what it’s like…we’ve been there.


The Strength Faction Guarantee: Join the Faction for a month, if it’s not jiving with you we’ll give you your money back and let you move on.  We won’t be like that weird ex that still texts you after six years.  No hard feelings.



We’re Chris, Mike and Todd

We own gyms in Virginia and Chicago and we’ve
made it our mission to help other personal trainers live
better lives.

Why? Because life as a trainer can be awesome when we
have our shit together, and we want to guide you through
the process that’s helped us live better lives.

You’ve got the will to be a great trainer with a great life.
We hope to help you on your journey.


($197 $179/month)


In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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