Program Design: The Checklist; How to Start; Power, Strength, and Assistance; Volume

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Download the slides here:

Program Design Checklist

Lesson Summary:

We went over the 3 overarching goals of our system (again) and how they apply to program design

  1. Consistency
  2. Crush goals and have fun doing it
  3. Competency & Independence

We went over how our programming sheet is laid out

We went over the program design checklist (above)

We went over intent and how it applies to selecting reps for power, strength, and assistance

We went over how to decide how many sets to use and how we use each week to set goals on the day

Action Steps:

1) Print/save the program design checklist
2) Start/keep saving all of your programs in the cloud so that you can access them and use them for new/other clients (NEVER START WITH A BLANK SLATE!)
3) Make menus of your most commonly used rep schemes for power, strength, and assistance
4) Watch this video another time and see what you can implement to help your clients create and set monthly/weekly/daily goals


Resources and Bonus Materials:

1) Joe Kenn’s Micros, Mesos, and Macros NSCA talk:
2) Why we warm up with weights (beyond the initial warm-up:
3) How to warm up with weights:
4) Weekly goals blog (accompanies the “how many sets” portion of the preso):

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