Discover the Principles and Exact tactics to Write In-Home Training Programs With Limited Equipment…While Saving Time and Getting Your Clients Results (with 12 done-for-you templates)!


Hey there!

I’m Chris Merritt, gym owner and coach that’s been training clients for 15 years and travels the United States to teach program design.

And recently I had to take my entire in-person training business online and deliver great training programs for my clients at home.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to do that right now… listen, you’re not alone. And I can help.

Here’s why…

I’ve trained folks and gotten results out of the gym with minimal equipment for years.


I train a Tier 1 tactical unit that needs to be able to mobilize on moment’s notice…and continue to train with whatever is available, wherever they wind up, which often makes the crappiest hotel gym look like godsend.


And I’ve taken those skills and applied with normal folks that want to keep training in the comfort of their homes as we ride out this pandemic.


Without overthinking exercise selection…

Without worrying about not having “normal” equipment…

And while getting results even with just bodyweight training…



Here Are The Three Crucial Steps to Home Fitness Program Design

  1.  Steal my templates! 

    • Seriously, I’m providing you with 12, done-for-you templates that you can slap your own logo on and immediately use for your clients.
  2. Think movement, not equipment.

    • Don’t get hung up on all of the things that you don’t have access to. Think in terms of goals and movements and work with what your clients have available, even if that’s just their own body weight!
  3. Add variety to the basics.

    • You don’t need to get crazy with exercises, you need to use the basics with some novel loading and progression strategies, and make things fun for your clients so they keep up with their training (which we all know is real hard to do from home).



To Teach the 3 Crucial Steps to Home Fitness Program Design, I created:

I’m going to teach you everything I did to successfully create home fitness programs that actually get results while saving a ton of time…and you get 12 done-for-you templates to save you even more time!




Here’s a Breakdown of What You Get

  • 12 Done-For-You Program Templates

…No matter how many days per week your client wants to train, or their goals, I have a template that’s already done for you with videos included (so you don’t have to film them for your clients)

  • An awesome example program..


…I’m giving you the templates, and the principles, but I’m also giving you a great program that you could use right away (even for yourself)


  • Progressions and regressions for bodyweight, kettlebell, and dumbbell exercises


…Consider it your exercise selection cheat sheet that will make modifying the done-for-you templates go even faster

  • My E-book “You Can’t Get Bored: Adding Variety to the Basics of Program Design”


…To help you generate even more loading ideas for writing and updating your clients’ programs

  • A guide for editing the program templates


…I walk you through exactly how to edit each template to fit your specific needs

  • Presentation that teaches you the what, the why, and the how


…I teach you how to put all of the pieces together to write great in-home training programs…and you get the slides so you can follow along and study them


I want this to work for you! The Trainer that needs to keep working even while the world shuts down!
You can get access to Home Fitness Program Design Made Easy for $199, a small price to pay for keeping your clients and generating income while everyone else is scrambling to figure out how to keep working.
But I want to make sure that Home Fitness Program Design Made Easy is the right fit for you.
I stand behind the information presented in my E-book, resources, and videos…because I know it works!
But I know you might be thinking, “Okay, what if it doesn’t work for me?”



Well, here’s the deal:  If you don’t get value from Home Fitness Program Design Made Easy—the real answers you’re looking for—I’ll provide a 100% refund.  Seriously.



Home Fitness Program Design Made Easy

Click here to get instant access for just $199

Full access to all of the done-for-you resources, video guides, and e-books



In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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