Spend A Weekend With Industry Leading Coaches So That You Can Get Better Results For Your Clients, Have A Bigger Impact, And Live A Better Life As A Fitness Coach

The Strength Faction Fall ’17 seminar is two-days worth of ass kicking learning to improve yourself as a coach and personally.

Join us at Warhorse Barbell Club, located in Philadelphia, PA, November 18th & 19th.



You’ll Learn:

-An awesome client consultation intake process that makes the process easier for you and helps clients hit the ground running on day one

-Training programming systematization that helps you quickly crank out effective, results driven training programs and save yourself a ton of time

-Coaching psychology that helps you better connect with your clients and improve their training results

-Systems for better organizing yourself personally to “keep your shit together” in the crazy world that is the fitness industry and enjoy more time away from the gym

-Hands on exercise progression and regression methods that help you make great decisions for your clients and put them in the best positions to be successful



This weekend will help you improve as a coach and live a better life outside of the gym. Better results for your clients. Better coaching lifestyle for you.  


Even better, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, a community of strength coaches and personal trainers dedicated to improving themselves and connecting with other coaches on the same mission…that’s why we call it the Faction Family!


There’s no crap. No smoke and mirrors. No hype. Just great presentations and workshops designed to make you better.






Your Coaches for the Weekend:


Doug Kechijian

Mike Connelly

Mike Connelly

Todd Bumgardner

Todd Bumgardner

Chris Merritt

Chris Merritt



Weekend Schedule (subject to slight changes):


Saturday, November 18th:


8:30am We Register. We Meet People. We Drink The Coffee.


9:00am Mike Connelly “Keep Your S*&% Together”

A presentation/workshop on managing yourself so you don’t lose your marbles, so that can be effective for those that need you most



10:30am Chris Merritt “The Super Simple Way to Systematize, and Write, Training Programs

A presentation/workshop on writing general population training programs that save you time and get results


12:00pm Lunch! We Eat! We Talk! We Make Merriment!


1:00pm Chris Merritt “Client Intake: From Day One to Goals Done (and Everything After That)

A presentation/workshop that teaches you a proven system for getting your clients started on the right track with your training the day they start with you


2:00pm Todd Bumgardner “The Art of Coaching”

A presentation/workshop that lays some psychological coaching groundwork and gives you some new tools to more effectively interact with your clients


3:00pm Todd Bumgardner “On Coaching Development”

A presentation/workshop that helps you build skills to develop yourself as a coach, help your clients develop themselves, and help you develop a team if you’re in charge of one


4:00pm Finalize Drinking and Eating Plans for the Social!


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Sunday, November 19th


Doug Kechijian of Resilient Performance Physical Therapy takes over. Here’s the skinny on what he’ll cover:


Scientific Foundations

1.Principles of Adaptation

2.Variability, Capacity, Power

3.Rehabilitation to Performance Continuum

4.Variability, Patterning, Asymmetry

5.Mobility, Tightness, Tone




1.Test What Matters

2.The Training Process


Pelvic Foundations

1.Biomechanics & Arthrokinematics

2.Bilateral Extension Pattern

3.Anatomy Review

4.Hip Impingement

5.Spinal Stability

6.Effects on Movement

7.Stretches & Exercises We Avoid


Thoracic Foundations


2.Anatomy Review

3.Scapular Orientation

4.Common Pathology

5.Effects on Movement

6.Stretches & Exercises We Avoid


Programming Considerations


2.Video Analysis


(Lunch Break)


Practical Application: Joint Position to Performance

1.Joint Variability Warm-Up

2.Hip Dominant

3.Knee Dominant






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Here’s a Strength Faction Seminar Success Story from Adam Willis, a guy that’s been to several Strength Faction Seminars and keeps coming back.

 Adam Willis

“Attending the Strength Faction Seminar was an absolutely incredible experience and easily one of the best things I have done to further Myself as a Coach to date. I knew Todd, Chris, and Mike would over-deliver and they didn’t disappoint.


The biggest difference between the Strength Faction seminar and a lot of others I have attended was that we weren’t just given information to improve our knowledge base and then run through a few practical technique drills for the big lifts.


Todd, Chris, and Mike made sure that we left with practical applications for everything they presented on so that we could take that new knowledge and apply it to our Coaching skill set and business immediately.


I know I will certainly be attending as many of the Strength Faction Seminars that I can in the future and would highly urge all coaches looking to make a big difference to themselves and their business to do so also.”




(Includes both days)





We know that money doesn’t grow on trees and that you have to make hard decisions about where to spend your continuing education money.


We know what it’s like…we’ve been there.


If you aren’t satisfied with the Strength Faction Fall ’17 Seminar, and you don’t walk away feeling like you’ve had a powerful experience that improves you as a coach, your life, or your business, we’ll give you your money back.


After attending the Strength Faction Fall ’17 Seminar, if you don’t believe the information and coaching you received is going to help you improve as a coach, just shoot an email to strengthfaction@beyondstrengthperformance.com and we’ll give you your money back.



Warhorse Barbell Club


Address: 801 North 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19123


Website: http://www.warhorsebarbellclub.com/

In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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