, today’s lesson is all things video: set-up, filming, editing, uploading, and content generation.

Check it:

The set-up

1) Apple iPad: We use an iPad 4, 64gb.  Yes, they can be expensive, but here’s a little hack for you… get them refurbished on Amazon!  Check this one out (it’s only $200).  Don’t skimp out on the gigs, video takes up a lot of space, and there’s nothing worse than working on a video and running out…

2) Makayama Movie Mount: Makayama makes these in different sizes, accounting for the different types of iPads.  Here’s the one we use.

3) Pyle Wireless Lavalier Microphone: There’s a few pieces to this one to make it work with your iPad.

We also have a much more expensive microphone that we use on our newest content, but I would not start there…


What about music?

Have you ever listened to videos that people release and wondered how they bypass the copyright laws on the music?  I’ve been frustrated numerous times when I’ve made a video only to have Facebook mute it…  So how have we been cranking out videos like this one without getting flagged?

Our best friend Soundcloud.com!  Simply search for what you’re looking for, and then follow these steps to make sure the music is available to share:

  • Search for whatever you’d like- Taylor Swift, maybe? File Apr 17, 9 47 04 PM
  • Next, click on “tracks”:File Apr 17, 9 47 45 PM
  • Now click “To listen to”:File Apr 17, 9 52 13 PM
  • Then, click “To share”:File Apr 17, 9 52 34 PM

This will ensure that the songs you select will not get flagged as copyrighted.  However, be sure to read the artists pages, as many of them request you to credit them in certain ways.

Some of my favorite artists to use in videos!

But if you’re willing to drop some cold, hard, cash… check out AudioJungle (www.audiojungle.net), where you can search by genre, mood, length, etc… and own the rights for as little as $1.


Have fun with video!

You can use video to teach real lessons, while also making people laugh in the process:


Okay, seriously… go make videos!!

In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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