Protein, !

You know all about protein.

Remember when you started lifting, and reading Flex, and you were listening to these guys:

And then bro science was all like:

But now you know better.  Don’t you?



Our Second Habit Is Protein Every Meal.

Don’t you dare cut back on your carbs… this is in addition.


“How do I begin?”

Thanks to bro science, you’re probably already doing this one most of the time.

Keep doing this, but let’s look to improve protein quality.

Protein.  Every.  Meal.

But it doesn’t all have to come from meat…

Plant protein

“What am I after here?”

Ladies, we want you to knock out one palm of protein at every meal.

Fellas, we want you to knock out two palms of protein at every meal.


“Is a snack a meal?”


It’s on the daily check-ins.

Simply check it off every day that you do it.


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In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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