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FROM: Your Pal Dan aka Cool Heat

RE: Values in Action




Remember, our purpose here is simply to grow as a person. Just like training, in our personal development we stick with consistency over intensity and make a living with RPE 6-8!


Today we move into the critically important territory of our value systems. Values are like the core muscles of personal development.


A fancy professor of mine said, “People really don’t act outside of their values.”


My simple interpretation of that is, values are a ‘Walk the Talk’ kind of proposition. Easy to talk about, MUCH harder to put the hustle into that muscle and live it.


Values can simply be understood as: ‘A person’s principles and standards of behavior based on what THEY think is important in life.’


For our purposes, we’re looking to line up our values and put them into everything we do to stay tall and tight in life.


For a more in depth understanding of the mechanisms of putting values into action, I sat down with none other than Beelzebub, ‘The Prince of Demons.’ Have listen to that interview here: take me to The Prince of Demons Interview NOW



  1. Enjoy the interview
  2. Write out your top 4 core values
  3. Pick 1 small way you will can build each value into action this upcoming week
  4. Write your 4 action steps into your calendar


Get in touch if you want to strategize!


Simply the best,


Dan Frantz

Personal Growth Ambassador

Agent of Good Will


p.s. Think SMALL STEPS (RPE 6 at first and build up from there)

p.p.s. Repeat this process every damn week!

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