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FROM: Your Pal Dan aka Cool Heat

RE: Loving The Love You Love with All the Love You Have to Give


All the teachers in my Junior High had to take turns monitoring the hallways during passing periods.


Looking back, I can only imagine what must’ve been going on in their minds as they watched the furious swarm of pubescent creatures plow over and through each other in spastic gyrations.


In the process of trying to get all the pent-up energy from Algebra out before another long and boring Social Studies class, most of us were literally moshing for that three-minute steeple chase across the noisy building. Kid’s books got dumped, kids got cross-checked into the lockers and crumpled to the floor only to be hurdled and mocked for their weakness.


All the teachers had various approaches to addressing the stampede. They had a mandate to carry out. The clear rule, ‘No running in the hallway’ is not enforceable when the mob rules. Yet, most tried just enough to display intention. To make it look good.


In a meek tone, “Walk please,” could be heard at every 50-yard interval from the Teachers who were closer to retirement. “No running in the hallway!” Was the battle-cry of the younger up and comers. “HEY, WALK!” Was the PE Department’s shared approach as we sprinted past the gym.


When your ass had to go past the office, you may’ve run once, but you didn’t run again. The Admin Team simply wasn’t having it. They stood out in the hall together. They had pens ready to get names, they would reach into the mosh pit and drag a sucker out, and if they had to come to your next class to get you- they did.


As we explore this week’s topic of LOVE (and all future aspects of personal development), let us remember the Admin Team!




Because separating intentions from abilities is critically important to anything or anyone aiming to be functional. It’s the difference between success and failure. It’s the theme of this whole dang personal development tour we are on together in FSOSFunctional Strength of the Self!


In order to take the tour and complete each mission of personal growth, you’ll need to slow down all those racing thoughts and emotions inside you. Although I can’t snag you from the mosh pit of life and make you do a damn thing, I can and will be a support for you and offer whatever real level of accountability I can to help you.


But, in this long-distance relationship we have, you have to step up and be seen first in order to be heard and understood my friend. You have to separate your intentions to do the work from your ability to get it done. That’s the skill of scaling. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so I’m working my tail off to make this stuff bite-sized and nourishing at the same time;)


If any of my stuff comes across as snide, I really don’t mean it to be. I’m doing this work too and I always need to stick to my fundamentals.


Today’s topic is LOVE. We are wired for connection. When we nurture trust, respect, kindness, and affection, we cultivate love. We allow ourselves to be seen, heard, and understood. We seek the same in others.



  2. CHOOSE YOUR CATEGORY (Mind, Heart, Relationships) and watch the video
  4. GET IN TOUCH with me, your mentor, or any of the Faction crew to dial up the support and/or accountability on this.


Simply the best,

Dan Frantz

Personal Growth Ambassador

Agent of Good Will


p.s. “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” The Beatles

p.p.s. “Love’s in need of love today. Don’t delay. Send yours in right away.” Stevie Wonder

An exercise to generate more stillness and
Take Your Junk to the Dump!
An exercise to generate more
understanding and practice listening.
Lovin’ the Love you Love Right
An exercise to feed productive
communication with loved ones.
Feed It or Kill It
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