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Are you going about improving your nutrition on your own, or are you surrounded by a solid accountability system, a supportive environment, and actively taking steps in the right to direction to drive success?

Kind of a heavy multi-dimensional question, right?

Well, true change is hard to go about alone!

Today we are going to look at a few things you can look to check off the list to increase your chances of long-term success within the program.

And hang in ’til the end, because we have an offer for you.  For just 3 monthly payments of $29.98- er, wait, wrong post.

Have you really committed YOURSELF to the goal?

Seems like a silly question, I suppose.  But really, what’s your goal?

How do you know that’s your goal?  Did you have to think about what you realllllllly want just now?  If so, you haven’t committed yourself to the goal yet.


We start here:

  1. What do you want?  (Holy shit, did we just drop in a scene from the Notebook??)

  2. When do you want it by?  This one could be optional, but if there’s a date this is important!

  3. Write that shit down…

  4. Look at it every day.  If I ask you your goal, you should be able to recall it instantly.


(Hey, , you did a questionnaire in the “Feeding the Piggy Bank” lesson that could come in handy right about now…)


Does your environment support the goal?

Dafuq does that even mean?

I’m glad you asked.

If you’re in an environment, whether home, work, school, or in-between that does not support your goal… well, that’s an issue!

I, Chris, actually worked as a physical therapy aide at one of the top orthopaedic offices in the greater DC area where the break room looked a pastry shop, and everything was free.99.

The docs, PT’s, receptionists, and office staff would routinely pick at this stuff throughout the day.  I can promise you, the environment did not match anyone’s goals!

Eventually the owner of the clinic put a stop to the madness and banned that crap from coming in, but this took a VERY long time to happen.

But herein lies the answer.  If the environment doesn’t support the goals, you’ve got to:

a) change the environment

b) alter your path so as to avoid the negative aspect of the environment

c) leave the environment altogether

For the record, there’s no one correct answer here.  You’ve got to do what works for you.


Do you have an accountability buddy (accountabili-buddy)?

Yeah?  Great!  Sounds like you’re on a great path…

No?  Well shit, you’re screwed.

Just kidding…

So what’s an accountabili-buddy, you ask?  It’s simply someone who checks in with you to keep you accountable to the goal.

Dan John talks about working with a client who lost 100 pounds in a single year.

How did they start?  By drinking a certain amount of water daily.  I’m going off of memory here, but I believe it was two glasses.

Dan says he would call his buddy every night, and the phone would ring like 9 times before he answered.  Why nine times?  That’s how long it would take his buddy to drink two glasses of water when he heard the phone ring…

Like me, when I first heard that story, you’re probably laughing.  But Dan swears it’s true.  If he wasn’t holding him accountable, he wouldn’t have gotten the two glasses of water in!


We have great news…

You’ll have the option to pair up with an accountabili-buddy in the next week.  There are levels of accountability built right into Strength Faction.  If it’s your first go at the Faction, you’re going to be broken into groups and assigned mentors.  Wes, Coach Fury, and Ross- remember these guys??

Then, all Factioners can choose to be paired off with someone to be each others’ accountabili-buddy.

Yupp!  It goes like this:


You –> Your accountabili-buddy –> Your mentor –> The Faction as a whole –> Your faction coaches (Todd, Mike, and Chris)


And here’s a little bonus for you…

You can do this with your clients!  Introduce them to each other.  Pair them up.  If you run an entire program of coaches, have coaches take charge of mentor groups.  Your community will only grow stronger.  Who doesn’t want that?


Double bonus…

Do you have a private Facebook group for your clients?

No???!  What are you waiting for??



Take action!

With your goals fresh in mind, be mindful of your environment over the next few days.  Look for things, people, situations, etc. that may not be supporting your goals.  Now, we know that you can’t go “fix” everything overnight, nor does everything need fixed, but with this awareness look for opportunities to better navigate your environment in the pursuit of crushing your got-damn goals.

In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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