TO: My Funky Action Faction Fit Fam Friends

FROM: Your Pal Dan aka Cool Heat

RE: Personal Matters


Although we’ve been apart for many weeks, our shared purpose remains the same. Although we each come to the Faction driven by a unique vision, our shared mission is to grow as people and professionals, yes?


As we get our last reps of the summer in, please get your chips and load your hips for a good time with this ‘simple, not easy’ worksheet.


The goal of this exercise is to:

Provide a process for clarity and reflection about your needs and intentions

Analyze what you’ve learned

Envision what your next steps are

Plan some prioritized actions toward personal and professional goals


Get in touch if you’d like to chat about getting this bad-boy done.


I hope your muscles are huge and your summer was dynamite!


Simply the best,

Dan Frantz

Personal Growth Ambassador

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”AISS 1.0-4 Finisher (Reflection Worksheet 1) PDF”]

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