Lessons Color Key

Green = Personal Development

Blue = Program Design

Red = Coaching

Yellow = Professional Expansion

Week 1 (Personal Development)

05/05/2020: Feeding The Piggy Bank

05/06/2020: Kicking Ass Throughout the Faction

05/06/2020: Keep Your Shit Together Journal (download)

05/07/2020: Do You Have a Support System?



Week 2 (Program Design)

05/09/2020: How to Access & Read Your Program

05/12/2020: Meet Your New Client

05/15/2020: **DO NOT OPEN THIS LESSON UNTIL YOU’VE DONE THE MEET YOUR NEW CLIENT DRILL** A Little Background & Melissa’s Program



Week 3 (Coaching)

05/19/2020: Coaching Foundations 1: A Coach’s Main Attribute, Your Declaration, Self-Determination Theory, Conservation vs. Exploration

05/20/2020: Coaching Foundations 2: Unconditional Positive Regard

05/21/2020: Coaching Foundations 3: The Three Client Archetypes



Week 4 (Professional Expansion) 

05/26/2020: Who & How

05/27/2020: Simple Systems for Generating Referrals



Week 5 (Personal Development)

06/02/2020: Levels to Achievement: Lesson 1 (Intro and Defining Levels)

06/03/2020: Perfect = Failure

06/04/2020: Levels to Achievement: Lesson 2 (Weekly Action and Getting Clear)



Week 6 (Program Design)

06/09/2020: 1-on-1 Assessment & Goal-Setting Session (Big Picture)

06/10/2020: How to Conduct the Initial Interview

06/11/2020: How We Use the FMS

06/11/2020: How We Run the Personal Orientation Session



Week 7 (Coaching)

06/16/2020: Coaching Movements

06/17/2020: The Coaching Paradigm Lessons


Week 8 (Professional Expansion) 

06/23/2020: 3 Steps to Stopping Social Media Resistance

06/24/2020: Social Media: What to do and Who to Create for

06/25/2020: Social Media: Creating Content That Works for You

06/25/2020: Creating Your Content Schedule



Week 9 (Personal Development) 

06/30/2020: Intro to the Table of Stable Growth

07/01/2020: Table of Stable Growth: Ratings and Actions



Week 10 (Program Design)



Week 11 (Coaching)



Week 12 (Professional Expansion)



Week 13 (Personal Development)

07/28/2020: Managing Your Energy

07/29/2020: Managing Your Emotions

07/30/2020: Managing Your Time



Week 14 (Program Design) 

08/04/2020: Program Design: Selecting Exercises, Appropriate Variety, Auditing with the FMS, …



Week 15 (Coaching)


Week 16 (Professional Expansion)


Week 17 (Review Week)


In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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