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Prep Week

01/08/2018: Feeding The Piggy Bank

01/09/2018: Kicking Ass Throughout the Faction

01/09/2018: Keep Your Shit Together Journal (download)

01/10/2018: Do You Have a Support System?

01/11/2018: Movements!

01/11/2018: Fit-Biz Thursday — Ten Actionable Business Tips You Can Employ Today


Week 1

01/14/2018: How to Access and Read Your Program

01/15/2018: Selecting the Right Movement

01/15/2018: Setting Intra-Session Training Goals

01/15/2018: Training with Intensity

01/16/2018: Levels to Achievement: Lesson 1 (Intro and Defining Levels)

01/17/2018: Perfect = Failure


Week 2

01/22/2018: Just the Tip: Start Grip on the Get-Up

01/23/2018: Intro to the Table of Stable Growth 

01/24/2018: Nutritional Awareness

01/25/2018: Fit-Biz Thursday—Branding & Site Design


Week 3

01/29/2018: Just the Tip: 45’s

01/29/2018: PR and Go Home

01/30/2018: Levels to Achievement: Lesson 2 (Weekly Action and Getting Clear)

01/31/2018: Analyzing Food Journals with Compassion 


Week 4

02/05/2018: Just the Tip: Sweep

02/05/2018: Thriving Through Week 4

02/06/2018: Table of Stable Growth: Ratings and Action

02/07/2018: Change How You Eat to Change What You Eat 

02/08/2018: Fit-Biz Thursday—10 Tips, Round 2



Week 5

02/12/2018: Just the Tip: Pre Sweep-Up

02/13/2018: Meet Your New Client

02/14/2018: Ready, Willing, and Able 


Week 6

02/19/2018: Just the Tip: Bench Supported Single Leg RDL

02/20/2018: New Member Intake, Assessment, and Orientation

02/21/2018: Eating for Fat Loss or Muscle Gain 

02/22/2018: Fit-Biz Thursday — Planning & Hosting Seminars


Week 7

 02/26/2018: Just the Tip: Foot on Bench Single Leg RDLs

02/27/2018: Program Design Checklist

02/27/2018: BONUS: Past Programming Lessons

02/28/2018: Meal Plans That Don’t Suck 


Week 8

 03/05/2018: Just the Tip: Single Leg RDL w/ Foam Roller

03/06/2018: (NEW!) Programming Presentation



Week 9

 03/12/2018: Just the Tip: Contralateral Single Leg RDL

03/13/2018: Intro to The Psychological Foundations of Fitness Coaching

03/13/2018: Psychological Safety: Interpersonal Environment 

03/13/2018: Psychological Safety: Physical Environment 

03/13/2018: Psychological Safety: Personality 

03/14/2018: Psychological Foundations: Guidance Intro

03/14/2018: Psychological Foundations: Guidance – Direct Coaching

03/14/2018: Psychological Foundations: Guidance: Self-Determination Theory

03/15/2018: Psychological Foundations: Aims and Goals


Week 10

03/19/2018: Just the Tip: Push-up Plank Position 

03/20/2018: How to GAB

03/21/2018: End of Program Coaching 

03/22/2018: Coaching Longer Term Goals: End of Block and Yearlong Planning 

03/22/2018: Fit-Biz Thursday: 3 Things Working Right Now at CSP


Week 11

 03/26/2018: Just the Tip: Push-up Hand Placement

03/27/2018: Building a Cue 

03/39/2018: A New Coaching Paradigm 


Week 12

 04/02/2018: Just the Tip: Push-up Descent

04/03/2018: Semi-Private Coaching (And Kicking Ass While Doing It)

04/04/2018: One-on-One Coaching (And Kicking Ass At It!)

04/05/2018: Kicking Ass With Group Coaching 

04/05/2018: Fit-Biz Thursday — Internships: Tips on Recruiting & Developing Candidates



Week 13

 04/09/2018: Just the Tip: Push-up Head Position

04/10/2018: On Content Development

04/11/2018: Write Like You’re Drunk (And Other Helpful Tips)


Week 14

04/17/2018: Video Lesson

04/18/2018: Creating a Podcast!

04/19/2018: Fit-Biz Thursday — Minimizing Key Man Risk


Week 15

04/23/2018: Just the Tip: The Ski Erg Part 1

04/23/2018: Just the Tip: The Ski Erg Part 2

04/24/2018: Hear Your Favorite Song in Your Head (and other useful branding advice)

04/25/2018: A Strategy for Feeding the Piggy Bank


Week 16


In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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