Daaaaaaamn , back at it again with the Frat Boy Friday!

  This week we are going to work with our ol’ trusty Trixie.     Wait, wait, wrong Trixie.  But there’s a good chance you’ll aquire the nickname Triceratops for the way your tri’s will pop after this one.   I know, I know- you think you don’t own a Trixie, but you probably do.  It’s the TRX (or any other suspension trainer)!   With it being Thanksgiving week and all, there’s a good chance many of you are visiting family and looking for a simple workout on the road.  So, we wanted to throw out a little Frat Boy Friday, travel edition.  


A1. TRX Biceps Curl w/ Pause      2-3 x 8

A2. TRX Rollout + Triceps Extension      2-3 x 8

Get you some!

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