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Every week, in creating these Frat Boy Friday masterpieces, I have (questionably) too much fun finding images to use.  I typically Google something to do with the name of the workout.  This week’s search was “hip hop arms.”  I think this picture sums it up perfectly.  For that, you’re welcome.


Was this photo staged?  Did they say, “Hey whiteboy- give me your best hip hop arms!“?  Is he in prison?  That wall could be from a prison.  Those aren’t prison clothes.  Is that a water fountain in the background?  What did he do to wind up in this situation?  Did no one recommend a hair cut before this photo shoot?  These are the things that keep me up at night…




Hip Hop Arm Pop

A1. Split Stance Cable or Band French Press      2 x 6

A2. 1.5 Rep Dumbbell Biceps Curl      2 x 6



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