Did I (really just) Do That?

Hey, !  This week’s Frat Boy Friday is another throwback to one of our favorites… enjoy!   It’s a good Friday when you get to aimlessly throw around an Erkel reference… Why would we do that, ? I’m glad you asked…   Today’s Frat Boy Friday includes carries.  And when I wrote it, I says to muhself: Hey dude, you can’t give them more carries- they just did carries for a whole workout (back when I wrote this)! And then I was like, you can do whatever you want, self.   Yeah!   So that’s why.   And that’s also why we are calling today’s workout The Urkel.  


A1. Farmer Carry 2 x 25ish yds

A2. Dumbbell Biceps Curls 2 x 6

A3. Dumbbell French Press 2 x 6


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