Awkward Walk-In

, it’s me.  We need to talk.

I need you to know that it’s Frat Boy Friday, and I’ma need you to step your game up.  Mmm’kay?

#1   Show skin

#2  Awkwardly flex at people around you, especially strangers

#3  Do curls in the squat rack when the opportunity presents itself

In all seriousness, Frat Boy Friday is about having fun, getting a good pump, and having fun.  Be awkward!  Have fun. 2f268ba5466eb9b2cb67badfb1fc7507

Awkward Walk-In

A1. 3-Way Kettlebell Push-ups      2-3 x 6/

  • Try these with a heavy kettlebell for the added challenge of turning the bells from the push-up plank position

A2. Rope Kettlebell Curls      2-3 x 6

  • Don’t have a rope?  Use a towel.
  • Don’t have a towel?  How do you shower?!

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