• It’s Fall!  The overarching goal of this block is to get STRONG and put on some muscle.  But, that’s ultimately up to you and the intensity you decide to approach this with, as well as nutrition…


♣ Phase One

  • We’re kicking the Fall off with a good ol’ fashion shot of volume and, through density training, you’ll be able to choose your own destiny.  Trying to get strong and put on some muscle? Stay at the higher end of the RPE, take longer breaks, and use more of the allotted time.  Short on time or want to challenge yourself with volume? Stay at the lower end of the RPE, and get a bunch of quality work in.  HAVE FUN!


Phase Two

  • While last month brought the volume, this month brings the intensity.  We’ll be attempting to add some more chips to the bar, rest a bit longer, and chase some rep PR’s.  For the high frequency strength training, pay attention to RPE—this is intended to be LIGHT and SNAPPY.  Also, pay attention to the fact that you have the choice of squatting or deadlifting first (workout A vs. D)—whatever you choose to do on the first day, do the other on the fourth day of training.


Phase Three

  • This one should look oddly familiar in many ways… We’re revisiting phase 1, but with lower reps early in the week, higher later in the week, and added the option of squatting or deadlifting first in the week… You could take a couple approaches to this à 1) Look at the total volume you did of each exercise, each session, and try and beat that with the new rep schemes. This could be accomplished with heavier weights, similar # of rounds, or same/lighter weights and more rounds. 2) Don’t worry about the first phase, and just start anew. Use base week to set some new baselines, and work to meet or beat that week to week. Have something else in mind? Cool—have fun!


Phase Four

  • Time. To. Get. Strong(er). If you haven’t caught on already, last phase essentially repeated phase 1, and this phase repeats phase 2 with lower reps. Your goal? Move. Some. Weight.

In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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