Ready for a kick ass weekend that will make you a better coach, while also introducing you to awesome people?

Join us at the Strength Faction Summer Seminar (with Special Guest Bill hartman) on August 12th and 13th at Rebell Strength and Conditioning in Chicago, IL (address at bottom) for just $309.




Why the Strength Faction Seminar Experience is different



We’re not going to load you up with a bunch of info, say good luck, and then kick your ass out the door at the end of the weekend. We’ve all been to those seminars, and when it’s over with we’re left saying, ‘Great, now what?’


The entire day is designed so that you EXPERIENCE the Strength Faction process, not sit in a chair while we vomit information at you all day.


Experiencing the events, rather than passively taking it in, gives you the tools to immediately affect change in your, as well as your clients’ lives.



Introducing Bill Hartman!

[Just in case you’ve been living under a rock]

Bill is known for finding solutions for people in pain that have failed with other forms of treatment. He owns IFAST Physical Therapy in Indianapolis, Indiana and Co-owns Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training with Mike Robertson. He is the author of the upcoming book, All Gain – No Pain: The over-40 Comeback Guide to Rebuilding a Fit and Pain-free Body After Pain, Injury, or Physical Therapy.

Bill’s goal is to make Sunday as interactive as possible and to solve problems in real time through examples. Think of it as an 8-hour Q & A within a framework of Principles, Processes, and Plans.



Here’s how the weekend will go down:


We’ll open each segment with a short presentation. We give you the info so that you can take it in, formulate questions and generate some context for understanding. Then we’ll hit you with a brief case study about how we’ve used that info to help folks improve. Then, here comes the big take home, we finish with a workshop that gives you a chance to immediately apply what you’ve just learned.


Learn it.


See how it works.


Use it right away.


You walk away with new skills rather than just new information.


Here’s The Agenda:

Saturday, August 12th

From Day 1 to Goals Done (And then everything after that)


09:00am: We register. We meet people. We drink the coffee.

09:30 – 5:00pm (or later if the questions keep coming)

Part I: Day One – Chris Merritt is going to talk about how coaching begins the moment a person walks through your door for the first time, from on-boarding to carrying them forth into your coaching model. He’ll be going over things like extracting measurable goals, expectation management, understanding personalities, what to look for in a movement assessment, …

What happens after the initial consult? Chris will cover how he takes the info from day one straight to our personal orientation session, setting them up for successful integration to Beyond Strength Performance NOVA’s semi-private training model.

Part II: The Semi-Private Training Model – Todd Bumgardner will be talking about everything we’ve done to develop our semi-private, and essentially one-on-one coaching model, and how to make it actionable. He’ll be talking about the exact systems we’ve developed to ensure a high quality experience, including staff development, to the training sessions themselves.

Part III: Building an Effective Group Coaching Model – Mike Connelly will discuss everything he does to build an effective group coaching model, which for him involves 8-20 participants per class, based on all of these same principles. How do you integrate people from all experience levels into the same class, while using technically demanding implements like kettlebells? Coach Mike has it covered…

[BONUS] Part IV: Personal Development – Dan “Cool Heat” Frantz is doing another personal development presentation. He’s going to help you build out values, priorities, and how you use each to guide your attention and extract real value from your life.


Sunday August 13th


09:00am – 05:00pm (or later if the questions keep coming): Bill Hartman takes over…

Part I: Principles – Developing a model
Why are humans are not complicated? How does movement arise?  What do we all have in common and then what makes us unique? How does this influence how we move and adapt to training? How predictable and reliable are our methods? Where do we place emphasis to make impactful change?

Part II:  Processes – Developing systems
How can we evolve a system that can be applied consistently when clients are unique? How do we measure current status and interpret outcomes? When does reductionism fail? Why should we already know what to do next? How quickly should we allow clients to make progress?

Part III:  Plans – Developing Strategies
How do we program to assure that you’re achieving the desired outcome in the shortest time? What strategies will magnify favorable outcomes? What’s the best exercise at the right time? How do we know that you’re executing an exercise safely?

Bill’s goal is to make this as interactive as possible and to solve problems in real time through examples. Think of it as an 8-hour Q & A within a framework of Principles, Processes, and Plans.


Todd Bumgardner

Todd Bumgardner

Chris Merritt

Chris Merritt

Mike Connelly

Mike Connelly

Dan Frantz

Dan Frantz

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Here’s what a really tall guy from England named Adam had to say about the first Strength Faction Seminar:


“Attending the Strength Faction Seminar was an absolutely incredible experience and easily one of the best things I have done to further Myself as a Coach to date. I knew Todd and Chris would over-deliver and they didn’t disappoint.


The biggest difference between the Strength Faction seminar and a lot of others I have attended was that we weren’t just given information to improve our knowledge base and then run through a few practical technique drills for the big lifts.

 Adam Willis

Todd and Chris made sure that we left with practical applications for everything they presented on so that we could take that new knowledge and apply it to our Coaching skill set and business immediately. They didn’t just spout information at us, they presented us with the information and then explained how they themselves applied it to their clients and business. This element was invaluable for me. Instead of leaving paralysed with information, unsure of what to do with it, I felt empowered and left knowing I had a greater understanding and skill set than when I arrived.


I know I will certainly be attending as many of the Strength Faction Seminars that I can in the future and would highly urge all coaches looking to make a big difference to themselves and their business to do so also.”

-Adam Willis, Lean Body Performance, Basingstoke, England



Come kick ass with us on August 12th and 13th, for just $309 when you sign up before August 1st!




Rebell Strength and Conditioning:Rebell Strength & Conditioning

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Phone: (773) – 687 – 8750





In 2010, two dudes Chris and Todd, started the business that would eventually become Strength Faction.

You know how they say the rest is history? Well, it’s not.

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